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"Hello! My name is Sir Ali, and I'm Alien's mascot. The other mascot is Meerko, right beside me."

Only in 2003 I started playing Creatures 2. At this point there where already many breeds and COBs around and I had a lot to do to keep up with it! Out of joy that I finally (as some people said) had started playing C2, Zauberfee gave me Sir Ali as my personal mascot for my site.

Meerko joined a little bit later and was the first prize for winning a design competition made by Maeyna. Doesn't he look cute and resembles a bit my favorite animal in C3, the meerk?

On my site you'll also find some more of my presents I got: some COBs, you can download.

And here you can find new Breeds, wich from my point of view were never completed and under the title "pimp my breed" got ... well, pimped. Or finished. Pimp my breed is an action I perfom together with Tafgana. Find on that site also her breeds I helped with. Out of this I developed a Tutorial about changing Body Data.





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