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This is my favorite agent! It looks a bit "alien" maybe that's why. I'm trying to explain now it's features..

The mussle like device on the left side is the HoverDoc in rest position. You can find it near the elevator on the middle level in Norn Meso. Pick it up and drop it over a creature and it will unfold itself to the the agent you can see on the right side. If you lost the HoverDoc, then simply press ctrl+H to retrieve it.

This is the main page the HoverDoc presents you when unfolding. There's the name of the acutally scanned creature, below you can see a text that tells you what the norn's highest drive is at the moment. There's a small sign indicating the same on the right side. Attention! The HoverDoc won't tell you on that page, if a creature is sick! Click on the small white yellow on the right side of the HoverDoc screen to let the Creatures Care Kit slide out.

The Creatures Care Kit show an overview of all drives of a norn with a small symbol for each of them. A coloured scale shows, how high a certain drive is. On this picture you can see that the drive "bored" is very high, but also "hungry for starch" and "hungry for fat" are lighted a bit. The strongest drive at the moment will always be presented on the main page (see above) and a small text explains what you can do to relieve it.
Below the drive screen (small star symbol) there's a symbol of a "bug". Click on it and the HoverDoc presents you a screen with a magnifying-glass that show's you if bacterias were found of not on that creature. Click on the crossed bug button to release some anti bacterial spray.
The next screen (symbol is a bottle) shows you, if there are toxins found in the creature. If there are toxins showed, klick on the green tick and you get some helpful informations about what you can do to heal your creature.
The last screen shows the fertility of a creature. If a norn's pregnant you will see a small egg in the small norn picture on the right side. By means of the plus or minus button you can enhance or decrease a creature's fertility. All the chemicals related to fertility are mapped in the main dialog window.








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