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At first glance the Ettin genome seems not to be very different from the Norn genome. However, Ettins aren't just a poor copy of Norns. Here a few differences between them:

Ettins have 20 organs (Norns 21). As this "missing" organ isn't vital, you won't notice much difference in the game.

Ettins have less receptor genes. The most important difference is maybe, that they don't have receptor genes for antigene 3 - 7, therefore the risk for infections for Ettins is smaller than for Norns.

Reaction and emitter genes are also a bit different than the ones in Norns. The most notably difference maybe is the lack of on reaction gene that enables the creature to lower it's sexual drive. If you've got a male Ettin in your game (the Ettin mother only lays female eggs) and if he's sexually mature he will kisspop over and over again! Sometimes he can get on female Ettin's nerves, believe me! :-)

Ettins can reproduce when reaching stage "adult". But they get older quicker than Norns do.

The number of pose and gait genes is almost identical to the Norn genome. However, there are some differences. But I'm not going to list all of those 242 genes. Maybe a small example? There's a pose called "hit norns". Well, doesn't sound nice, does it? Maybe would be better if it was called "hi Grendels"?:-))

Let's get to the stimuli genes. I had a closer look at them. It looks like they're bound to run away from almost everything. If they get pet by another creature they will go away as well as when they get pet by the hand. They can get homesick and bored quite easily. Only when they get machines and drag them around with them the "boredom" will get reduced. And to satisfy their homesickness they are looking for "ettin home". All in all Ettins are "programmed" to be constantly on the walk, looking for some distraction and also for some comfort. This might be the reason why Ettins wander around in the ship a lot, as we see it in the game.
Strange enough, the stimulus gene "bump in wall" is set in order they won't learn to avoid it. I think that's the reason why we think Ettins are more stupid than norns, but that's not true!

A new Ettin breed

These Ettins are genetically manipulated, but they are still Ettins as I took the original Ettin genome as a template. I just omited some of the unnerving habits.

They won't steal machines and won't drag them around like they usually do. They stay in the norn terrarium and feel comfortable there. If you tickle them and talk to them they won't constantly complain being bored. But of course, they still like to play with toys! They will live longer than normal Ettins do and they can breath under water in oder to avoid any drowning of Ettin Babies walking into a pond. They can start kisspopping when reaching age "youth", but will reproduce about as much as Norns do, I lowered the friendlyness drive of the male quite a lot!
About the colours: colours are set like they will change in colour in every life stage. Their offspring will have the chance to develop a lot of different colours!

The Download file contains a male and a female, the start generation! Have fun and maybe you will discover that Ettins are the creature you were always looking for? Who knows...

May I present: Joky und Elly and these are the Jelly-Ettins! (Thanks, Jutta, for the suggestion for the name!)

(please click the picture to start the download)






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