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Grendels and Frendels

Why are Grendels so nasty? Why do they always beat up Norns?

The "secret" of this nasty behaviour lays (you already guess, didn't you?) in the genes and its settings. If you have a closer look at the stimuli genes then you'll find most of don't differ from those of Norns. But there are a few which are set in a way that Grendels react with "hitting" to certain environmental conditions. E.g. if they get pet by another creature they react to that with a hit! Or another one telling them if they hit a machine or an animal they get internal reward for this and boredom reduces. And they hit others if they feel crowded. That's why Grendels seem to be so nasty to other creatures!

The Grendel genome is a bit smaller than that of the Norns. There are a few receptor genes missing, totalling to 48. Most of them are receptor genes for Antigenes. This means Grendels don't get infected so easily by bacterias as Norns do ... There are also a few chemical emitter and reaction genes missing, but I think that's not noticable.

When I tried to manipulate the Grendel genome and turn it to be "better" Grendels, I had a close look at the stimuli genes first. As I tested the first pair I had to realise female Grendels loose a lot of their life chemicals when getting pregnant. Therefore they will age faster, the chemical "progesterone" is "eating" away the chemical "life". I didn't really like that for my Grendels, that#s why I changed the settings in the responsible reaction gene as well.

I called my new Grendels "Frendels", short for "Friendly Grendels", 'cause they don't have this drive any more to hit anybody and anything. They're able to breath under water and therefore won't drown if walking into a pond. Frendels feel comfortable in the Norn terrarium but like to be put in the jungle too. But if you do that, you have to watch them as they still can get sick there faster than anywhere else! Bacterias may stick to them and they drag them around in the ship and will infect other creatures with. I think the neon colours of the grendels is cool, that's why there are some neon coloured ones besides the "normal" ones in the Norn Adoption Center . Take the link "Alien's Creatures" and then "Grendels". Try them out and tell me, if they fulfill what's promised here!


There's also the .gen file of the Frendels to download. If you swap the original "gren.final46g.gen.brain.gen" (please, don't delete the original file, just move it into another folder!) and the ".gno" file with the downloaded ones, the grendel mother will only lay Frendel eggs!

PS: Someone pointed out that there are already "Peace Grendels" in the net. But their genome originally derives from the Norn genome, in fact, only the genus gene got changed, nothing else. I think those aren't "real" Grendels then, but the Frendels derive directly fromt the Grendel genome which I took as a template.






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