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The Weekly Freak

For a short time I presented on my site every week a new norn for you to download: "The Weekly Freak"!
Those norns are genetic experiments which means they aren't "produced" by natural kisspop in game, but their genome is made/changed by a genetic editor and brought into the game. Sometimes there will be major, sometimes only minor changings in the genome.
Disclaimer: I want to make clear that these norns weren't tested for a long time, therefore don't hold me responsible for what's happening while breeding with them! ;-)

Mercy looks pretty "icy", but in fact she doesn't like the cold. She's a pretty normal norn, except she might have quite a lot of children, once she's old enough to kiiiiiisspoppp... ;-) Sprites: Dream, Shag, C3-Norn
Cally like the cold weather and feels at home when his environment ist covered with ice and snow. As you maybe can see on the picture, he even likes to play with the big snow flakes from the North Pole metaroom. Sprites: Gargoyle, Eskimo, Shag, Kunterbunt, C3-Norn
Fröschli (meaning "little frog") is able to swim in the Aquagarden. Since it's a real Grendel per se, I based it's genome on the Franshee genome, meaning, she will be nice to your other norns and won't hit them as much as normal Grendels do. The legs will disappear when she turns adolescent and maybe her tail will make her swim? Well, just try her out. Sprites: Grendel, Banshee, Aquanorn, C3-Grendel.
Svetlana's genome isn't altered much. But drop her or push her over a cliff and she will not fall down hard like other norns do, but fall slowly down, like a feather and won't hurt herself. Unfortunately, this isn't inherited by the next generation. Sprites: Kunterbunt, Eskimo C3-Norn
Jonkina is a "Fountain-of-Youth Norn" and was sent to me by Marcus! Here his description: "Never gets tired and has a "Fountain-of-Youth effect", i.e. throw the norn in the water and it gets asleep after a few seconds. Then his lungs get filled with air, its life gets refreshed and his wounds get healed. If you wake it up under water, take it out immediately or let it get asleep again, otherwise it will drown." Sprites: Aqua, Bondi C3 Norn
Tebazile goes backwards instead of going forward and vice versa. That leads to some consequences... Please, only bring this norn in your world if you have time for feeding her as she can starve easily as she is not going to the place she wants, but going away. Will she ever learn that backwards is forwards and vice versa?? Sprites: Eskimo, Bubble. C3 Norn
Mecki shouldn't have a poblem when he's eating detritus, manky stuff. He is looking for it and get's the same out of it, as if he would eat fruit and food. Maybe he's compatible with Toxic Norns? Sprites: Alien, Lilac Bengal (Ettin M), Yellowstone Wingies (Ettin Y), C3-Norn
Leelou looks.... errr... pretty freakish, doesn't he? *gg* He's a norn (just to make sure), he's pink and doesn't feel easily crowded. So he will like to hang around with your other norns and ... well, let's wait and see how his children will look like! :-) Sprites: Draconia, Grendel, Banshee, Dream. C3-Norn
Since there was no Weekly Freak last week, now here are two of them, Mark and Ronda. They have the same genome but look completely different. Their colour will also change differently during their life. Sprites for this colourful pair: Draconian, Gargoyle, Alien, Yellowstone, Painted Chichi, Sahara, Dream, Trident. C3- Norns.
Vernon is allergic to fat. If you feed him cheese, he starts sneezing. (Vernon derives from one of my first experiments, following tutorials vom Liz Morris). Sprites: Alien, Aqua, Bubble. C3-Norn.
Yasomi always stays a baby norn throughout her life. She will live as long other norns do, but never grow up. She can breath under water. Sprites: Aqua, Eskimo, Shag-a-Delic, Chichi. C3-Norn
Arianna lives of "air and love". That means, if you tickle her, it will be the same as if she would eat food. She doesn't feel much instinct to eat, so make sure you tickle her once in a while! Sprites: Harlequin, Gargoyle, Indio, Kunterbunt. C3-Norn.
Luke is our "starter". He's a C3-Norn, with Sprites Astro, Dale (Ettin D) and Dream. While he's walking, he suddenly looks in the air, as if there is something...?


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