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This is the Emphatic Vendor. It can hear what kind of food a bypassing creature needs and produces it automatically. Of course, you can click on it and give out the three foods: Starseed (contains starch), Yarnfruit (contains proteins) and Peaking Pie (contains fat). The listening feature can be turned off, simply click on the blue wave above the food signs. The small thingy beside it is a smaller version of the vendor. You can find it in the containment chamber, so warped in creatures will not starve!

The Lemon Pod! Click on it and it will dispense a lemon. Lemons are very important to fight against colds in norns. They contain Antihistamine which cures sneezing and coughing. The pod contains 7 Lemons maximum. If they're gone, the tree has to be harvested. Works fully automated, though.

This is the Justanut Pod. Click on it and a nut from the tiny nut tree will be harvested and dispensed.
The Carrot Pod. Full of yummy carrots! Click on it and it will dispense one. Of course, also your creatures can push it and get rewarded!
This is the Brombus. Grows almost everywhere and is a very interesting plant 'cause it's higth doesn't seems to be limited! How can grow the tallest Brombus? The berries are a good food source for all creatures and come in different colours.
This is a Tuba plant. Norns love them as do snotrocks too! Grows almost everywhere.
This is an Explodonut. When ripe it will fall to the ground and if it doesn't get eaten it will ... explode! Duck and run! Explodonuts grow in the lower part of the Norn Meso in Capillata.








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