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This is the Stinger Pot. On it's right side you can see a stinger queen which lives inside of the pod, seh is a bit bigger than the normal stingers are. She can found a new nest, if she can escape out of the stinger pod and soon your world will be infested with stingers! So be careful and don't touch this pod! Otherwise you might release some of those insects...and they will sting your Norns!
This is a Snotrock. Plant or animal? Who knows... They can live almost everywhere if there are enough Tubas around they love to eat.
This is a Trapper Plant. She's your only hope if your world got infested by the stingers! She will catch the insects much like a Venus Fly Trap does!
This is the commedia. No, not the whole thing, only that strane green ... umh..."thing" inside of that pod. Click on the pod and the commedia will come out of it. It's there to entertain your norns by mimicking any objects which are around when a norn is near the commedia. In the glass on the right side of the picture (the one with the blue bubbles) you can see a hologram of some objects appearing which the commedia will mimick. That's how she get's trained!






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