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Docking Station
Creatures 3
Creatures 2
Forum / FAQ
Norn Adoption Center


Gameware Europe (Creature Labs)
Offcial site of Creatures / Forum

The Creatures Developer Network
Find lot's of free downloads for tools, manuals etc, very helpful tips and much more at the Creatures Developer Network!

Creatures Wikipedia
A Creatures Encyclopedia that is made by Creatures users

Newsboard and more information on Creatures and the Community

Creatures Caves
Newsboard and information

TreeSprite's Grove
Forum, lot's of offical downloads etc.

Mummy's Creatures Forum
Forum in German, that's where you'll find me! :-)

Mummy's Creatures
Actual breed list, often updated, very good. Best Creatures site in German, imho!
Hausmouse's Creatures 3 Page
Lot's of very useful agents (also for DS)
Emmental's Docking Station Agents
Lot's of Docking Station agents
The High Tech Hand
Also lots of very useful C3 and Docking Station agents!
The Norngarden
The best Meta Rooms ever made for C3/DS! Jungle Norns and Ettin Poodles.
The Creatures Developer Resource
Lots of free tools such as the Genome Editor, Gene Compare, Loby Study and Genome Injector for C3 and also for C2.
You're looking for something? Then ask Google!
LEO- Link Everything Online
The best online Englisch-German/ German-Englisch dictionary!
Nathan Thomas' Website, the leading artist of Docking Station. Lot's of cool graphics about Creatures 3, Docking Station and some about Creatures 4...
Power of Porcelain
First class painting on china! Beautiful pictures and very close up details. Just have a look at it!


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