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This site is online since 14 - 5 - 2000


Inspired by Mummy's website history overview I decided to publish something similar. The following is an overview of all my website designs my site went through since the beginning in May 2000. I had to dig deeply in my backups, but I think it's now a more or less complete history of my website.


That's how my website was looking at the beginning, first under the name"Alien's Creatures3 Webpage". Since I didn't had any HTML-Editor and had to do the coding by hand or only in Netscape Composer things didn't look really sophisticated at that time. But I was modest (at least at first!), at the beginning I only wanted to have a one page with some norns to download. And I wanted it to be colourful! So I chose red and yellow text colours. Well, the whole stuff grew and after I made some more text pages about the Creatures ecology and genetics, I changed the background picture which showed a lot of little stars to a uniform black colour. The background picture made things blurry and irritated the eye when trying to read the texts, I thought.

At that time the title picture showed two norns: "Bingo" and "Hope". It would be absolutely romantic, if I could say "those were my very first norns in C3". Well, it would, but unfortunately I'm not able to say this, since my first norns got beaten to death by Grendels! But Bingo and Hope looked very much like my very first norns I had and they lived for quite a long time in my world after I'd found out how to get rid of those nasty Grendels.

At that time there only existed a German version.


Quickly my website started to burst at the seams, as the navigation in the center of te first page grew longer and longer. You had to scroll down a lot in order to only read the news of my website. Furthermore I wanted a new title for my website and that's way I changed the look of it at the beginning of 2001. And I got rid of the bright text colours and decided for a less eye watering greenish colour.
As I now had a HTML-Editor, things got faster and easier. I decided against frames and for a table based design. The navigation bar was already similar to the one today. I also got the hang of my new graphics program and therefore making much more complicated pictures got easier. As a result I created also a new title picture.

And I released the first English version of my website. Docking Station had been released shortly before and brought the whole Creatures Community closer, so I wanted to give non German speaking members the opportunity to access my site easier.

I continued this website layout until spring 2003.


Beginning of 2003 there was a revolution going on on Alien's Creatures World. I had started playing Creatures 2 ("finally!" as some members of the community said...!) and of course, a C2 section of my website had to be opened. I chose the blue colour in order to distinguish the C2 section from the C3/DS part.


In spring 2003 I needed a new layout. A lot of different things on my website made the navigation too complicated. The idea was, to release the new version as a celebration of the 3rd anniversary of the website. Out of several reasons I decided to take it down temporarily. Only a few Ettin workers stayed behind ...


Together with the release of my first C3 norn breed, the Alien Norns, the new website layout went public in May 2003. The colours had changed to a more moderate contrast of a dark green background. And things got a "touch" of the Hoverdoc, my favorite machine in Docking Station, since it looks so ... well, alien! I started using stylesheets at that time and things got easier with it as well. This design continued until spring 2007.

At the end of 2006, several reasons made me change my website completely again. I wanted the opposite colour concept with dark letters on a bright background and I needed a more detailed navigation bar. Furthermore, I wanted more of the German part translated into English to extend that part. And that's how it looks today! I hope, you like it!








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