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Awards and prizes

My two adopted Halloween Norns made 1st place in angelneko's Halloween WR!

Jolli, my norn took part in the Sunny Run at Angelneko´s and was really good (although not best :-P)

Hulala and Tarky participated in the Summerparty Run by Angelneko although they didn't win, but well, they were there! :-)

I was "Site of the Month" at Mummy's Creatures and got this certificate from Mummy!

Again 3rd place in one of Yassy's WRs. Looks like my norns subscribed for it. :-D

My certificates from Yassy and her January and February WR where my norns both made 3rd place!

My certificate from Mummy and her Family WR!

My certificates from Norn-o-Maniac's Spontirun :-)

I got this Barnstar from GreenReaper for my contributions to the Creatures Wiki! Thanks a ton! ;-)

Pistache made 2nd place in the Easter WR at Trinity and Patty's!

My picture made 3rd place in Blueberrys Picture of the Week - Winner of the Year.

The "Aktion Teshi button" from Moriah.

Eisy brought me 1st. place at i Maeyna's Design Norn competition. As prize I got this cuddly talisman. He looks very much like the Meerk, my favorite animal, doesn't he? ;-)

Midori and Toshimi took part in the WR "Only the fittest survive" at Tafgana's. Midori won a marble statue and Toshimi even won silver!

Petty made 3rd rank in Moriah's WR!

I got this certificate from Mummy because I won the quiz she made when her site got 4 years old.


My norn Deedoko won 2nd place in the Norningrun at Tafgana's!

I won Pumuckel from a WR at Leylandia's !

Dooky and Puschelchen got these prices in TrinityK's Survival WR! Yeah!


A special kind of "award"...more of a "thank you for the help". Well, that printer sure made the downloaded patterns pretty big...but isn't that big norn just cuddly cute? :-) Anyway, thanks a lot, Irene!


A new award, from Sanny! The one and only Sanny-Award! :-) Thanks a lot!


Award/Prize von Perniolasi! Mille grazie!:-)


My first award!! And there's my favorite, the Meerk! Thanks so much, Jannes!







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