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I did the genome for NornenMeister's Vulcana Norns and he's always there when I need someone to betatest my new stuff. Have a look at his website, you'll find there lots and lots of (unusal) stuff about C2!

I did several projects together with Mummy and I'm really bit proud of being one of her partner sites, 'cause I think she's got the best German Creatures site!
Plush norns brought Tafgana and me together, so to say. ;-) I also was involved in developement of several of her norn breeds.
Zauberfee invited me to do my first Christmas project. She always 's got a lot of ideas and projects about Creatures 2! Take some time and discover Zauberalbia. And Zauberfee gave me this picture and Sir Ali, my mascot to celebrate our new partnership.









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