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Fluffy Norns


Mummy's mascot brought to life: the Fluffy Norns!

Since the male Fluffy norn has a shadowy existence besides the much more popular female Norn, I thought, he could do with some colours. :-)

But some players might not like such a colourful norn breed, therefore I made to versions of male sprites:

Version No. 1: Colour change in each life stage baby, child, adult.

Version No. 2: all life stages have the same colour.


First you need the female norn sprites and body data plus the eggs. So please download the first two files in the list. For the male sprites you just choose the version you like and download it. Of course, you can download both versions, but you can only change between them and cannot play with them at the same time!

After having downloaded the file, unzip them. Put the files with extension ".s16" (= Sprite files) in the folder "Images", files with extension ".att" (= Body Data) in the folder "Body Data". Put the files with extension ".egg" in the folder "Eggs". Start the game and hatch your first Fluffy Norn egg.

If you wish to play with the other version of the male Fluffy norns, then unzip the version and copy the files in the folder "Images" and overwrite the other version. Note: male Fluffy Norns in game will change to the new version only when reaching the next life stage.

The Sprites occupy Slot Geat C. The Fluffys are amphibious.

Download female Sprites
Download Body Data + eggs
Download male Sprites Version 1
Download male Sprites Version 2


Since at least half of this norn breed is a personal present to Mummy, I don't want this norn breed to be "open source". Please, understand that with Fluffy it's a very personal thing, since it's a mascot and should stay unique. On the other hand I have nothing against people being "inspired" by Fluffy to create a new norn breed (I said, a NEW one, not just a dumb copy and paste!). If you think the male Fluffy norn should look completely else and you have a brilliant idea, then go on and create one. I look at the male Fluffy Norn as merely an addition and it's obvious that it derived from the female Fluffy norn. So in short: please leave the Fluffy sprites as they are and don't use them for further experiments! Thanks!


Thanks to Tica for the original artwork of Fluffy and Tafgana for (moral) support with the graphics and beta testing. And of course thanks to Mummy that I was allowed to transfer her mascot into a norn breed!

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