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Gargoyle Norns


Here are the Gargoyle Norns for C2! Sprites occupy Slot Grendel N. Their genome is based on the one from the Golden Deserts with a few changes. They are amphibious, so don't panic if it starts raining heavily. *gg*

The Installation of the Gargoyle Norns is very simple: just doubleclick on the downloaded .exe file and the files for the Gargoyle Norns get installed automatically. Afterwards you'll find two Gargoyle eggs in your nest or you can import the baby norns "Ricky" and "Tessila" into your world.

Many thanks go to my beta tester Quetzal, Tafgana and Mummy! Above all, for having a REAL close look at them! (Who would have ever thought one could have too less black pixels? *gg*)

Download Gargoyle Norns

For the Gargoyle Norns I made also special egg sprites. They are inspired by the Gargoyle sprites themselves, but also by the "environment" where the Gargoyle Norns usually live. So they resemble a bit rough surfaces, like from houses, roofs, stones etc. 'Cause who has said that eggs always should look like eggs? *gg*

Download Gargoyle Egg Sprites

Installation: Download the file and unzip it. Put the file in the folder "Images", the filei "Omelette.s16" in "Applet Data". Please, don't replace the original files in those folders, but save them before or just move them to another folder to keep them, 'cause maybe one day you might want to get back to the original egg sprites!

And for the ones who like to have their norns even more colourful, find here five male and five female baby Gargolye Norns. Download them and invite them into your world!

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