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A project from NornenMeister that was layed aside for a long time and finally ended up at me and my action "Pimp my Breed" in order to finish it.
NornenMeister had die idea to give the Ettins new voices based on opera sounds and started creating a new breed for it that originally looked like this:

I changed the look of the breed to a certain extend in order to match the idea of the "Opera Ettins" more than the before version. So the male looks a bit like the "Phantom of the Opera" and the female got a somewhat more glamourous costume with stars in her hair. Maybe to attempt to be a Queen of the Night? Who knows ... but exaggeration is allowed when it comes to an opera, right?

Sprite and Body Data are downloadable as single files. The new sound files from NornenMeister can be found in the third download file and in the fourth you´ll find the starter pair, genome and a ReadMe file.

The sprites occupy Slot Ettin F. Please be aware that these files overwrite the baby life stage of the Camelot Norns!

Opera Ettins Sprites

Opera Ettins Body Data

Opera Ettins Sounds

Opera Ettins Genome, Starterpair, ReadMe




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