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Tafgana's Breeds

Winged Golden Desert

Tafgana gave the Golden Deserts wings. I helped her with the Body Data and therefore I was allowed to host them for you to download. ThanksTafgana! The Winged Golden Deserts occupy Slot Grendel G.

Of course, you can download the Winged Golden Deserts at Tafgana's!

The Winged Golden Deserts (sprites and body data) are free to be used to develop other breeds.


Download the installation file and make a double click on it. That's all! :-D


Blizzard Norns

Tafgana allowed me to host the Blizzard Norns for you to download 'cause I made the body data. Sprites occupy Grendel Slot Q.

Of course, you can download the Blizzards at Tafgana's!

Installation: Download installation file, double click on it, hatch the egg. That's it! *gg*


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