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Alien Norns

The Story

On one of his last journeys through the warp the Lone Shee encountered something unusual. During the warping he felt something strange and difficult to describe. A cold shiver, yes, this might be the best description and he saw a very strange green light. He thought about this incident. Could the warping device malfunction? As he reached home he immediately examined his warping device but couldn't find any faults or malfunctions. So either he had too many of those chocolate cookies...or it was a quantum disturbance. Yes, exactly, that was it! "Quantum disturbance", that sounded good!

He already wanted to put aside the warping device, when suddenly it started working all by itself! But instead of the usual blue swirl he knew it only showed the same strange green light he saw in that quantum disturbance.

Pop! You could hear it loud and clear and the warp device spat something green at his feet. It had a somehow familiar shape... The Lone Shee lifted it up very carefully. It was a Norns. It had a strange fur pattern, green and red and it had red hairs and two strange antennae attached to his head. And it was dead. That norn didn't survive the quantum disturbance, it seemed. But how and where did it enter the warp? The Lone Shee knew, he would never find an answer to this...

All his norns where watching the scene. They all looked very sad, the Harlequin norn wiped a tear from his cheek. It was always sad, when a norn died. No matter if everybody knew him or it it was just a stranger, probably a long way from home, and alone.

Out of this sad mood the Shee decided at least to save a sample of the genome of this norn. Maybe not all was lost ...

And yes, he was right! After a few research, tinkering with some of his genomes and with the help of one of his Chichi females the first egg lay in front of the Lone Shee. He and his norns didn't have long to wait until the shell cracked. And out came a...Alien Norn! Yes, the Shee had decided to name this norn breed "Aliens" because they looked so different than the others and maybe even a bit alien...

After a few days, the first Alien Norns were already adults, the Lone Shee wrote a supplement into his diary concerning his research about the Alien Norns. As follows: "The Alien Norns are very peaceable. Above all, the females seem to settle a dispute between my norns with their mere presence. The ear spots ot the females which I always thought they are only kind of a decoration seem to be used for telepathic purposes and this might have a unconscious influence on my other Norns. Fascinating!"

Alien Norns come with new sprites and a new genome. The sprites take slot T of the norns. Alien Norns are peacable and seldom hit other norns. They can breath under water and their metabolism can cope with detritus and also with alcohol. But they're still receptive to other deseases, so keep those nasty bacterias and sick norns away from them!

If you should wish to upload the Alien Norns on your site and you do it because you want to make them get known to a bigger audience, go ahead. Please don't forget to give credits and in particular please mention to whom they are dedicated! You are welcome to use the above picture for this purpose. If you only want to do it, because you want to look better than you really are, switch off your computer and get you some real friends, you really need them! ;-)

Many thanks to TreeSprite who made the Egg Agent file as a special gift to me!

Download and installation of the Alien Norns
Alien egg agent
Sprites (female)
Sprites (male)
Body Data,Genome, Starter parents


If you download the egg agent: copy the file into your "my agents" folder and let the egg layer in the game lay the first egg and hatch it. That's it.

If you download the other files:

1. download all files

2. Unzip all the files. Put the .c16 files into the folder "images" of the "Creatures 3" or "Docking Station" directory. (the sprites take slot T norn)

3. Put the .att files into the folder "Body Data", the .creatures files into the folder in den Ordner "My Creatures" and the genome into the folder "Genetics" of the directory"Creatures 3" or "Docking Station" .

4. Start the game and import the starter parents.

Coloured Alien Norns



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