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Sahara Norns

Idea and Sprites: Mummy
Genome: Alien
Many thanks to Mummy for asking me to participate in her newest creation!

The Sahara Norns are adapted to the life in the desert and feel comfortable in this climate. They use food resources better than normal norns. They break down food more efficient and use manky and garbage as food source without getting sick of it. They can also eat little animals.

Since they aren't so choosey with their food, they have some more free time for themselves. So they can get bored pretty easily if there aren't any toys around to play with. So make sure, you have some at hand for them to entertain them!

Pregnancy is shorter than in normal norns. Well, being pregnant for a long time in such a hot climate isn't really comfortable, isn't it?

Although they feel comfortable in the desert terrarium, they will also like to have a stroll through the ship. Aparently, their curiosity didn't diminish during their adaption to the desert climate.

Download and installation of the Sahara Norns
Sprites (female)
Sprites (male)
Body Data, eggs, genome


11. download all the files

2. unzip both sprite files. The .c16 files go in the folder "Images" in the directory "Creatures 3" or "Docking Station" (the sprites are on Slot S Geat)

3. unzip the last file. The .att Files go in the folder "Body Data", the .agent files in the folder "my agents" and the .gen file in the folder "Genetics" in the directory "Creatures 3" or "Docking Station".

Use the egg layer or Muco to bring some Sahara Norn eggs into your world!

Here are some coloured Sahara Norns to get some variety in your world. Five males (upper row) and five females (below).


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