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Trident Norns

Hosting of BioNorn's Nornbreed. BioNorn's website was "BioLabs".

Trident Norns can breath under water and also mate under water. But be careful! This nornbreed is very aggressive!


Download and installation of the Trident Norns

Sprites and Body Data


Copy the files with extension ".att" in the directory"Body Data", files with extension ".c16" in the directory "Images" , files with extension ".gen" in the directory "Genetics" and Files with extension ".agents" in the directory "My agents". Use the egg layer to have Trident eggs in your world.

Note: The original Trident file came without Body Data. Since they are very important not to have any problems with display of this breed, I added some body data to the file.

Here are some coloured norns to bring some variation into your game. The norns on the picture are all in stage "adult" as the colour change can only be seen clearly in that life stage. However, the norns in the downloadable file are all babies. Upper row: male norns, below: female norns. Note: these norns all have the Chichi genome, as the Trident genome is pretty violent and I wanted those coloured norns "suitable" for more peacefully sensed breeders. :-)


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