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The Kunterbunts

"kunterbunt" = "all in a tumble", "potpourri" (at least, that's what LEO says... :-))
"bunt" = "colourful" in German

The sprites of the Kunterbunt Norns are based on the Chichi sprites. The genome is also based on the one from the Chichis, but the Kunterbunts can breathe under water.

So if you're in the mood for lots of colour in your world, download the Kunterbunts!

Thanks to MadDoc! He made the Egg Agents for the Kunterbunt Norns!

Download and installation of the Kunterbunts

Egg Agent
Sprites (female)
Sprites (male)
Body Data, Norns, Genome
Additional Egg Agent for EggLayer


If you download the Egg Agent: unzip it, copy it into the "my agents" folder and let the egg layer in the game lay the first Kunterbunt egg. All the needed sprite files will be installed automatically.

If you download the other files:

1. download all files

2. Unzip all the files. Put the .c16 files into the folder "images" of the "Creatures 3" or "Docking Station" directory. (the sprites take slot E Ettin)

3. Put the .att files into the folder "Body Data", the .creatures files into the folder in den Ordner "My Creatures" and the genome into the folder "Genetics" of the directory"Creatures 3" or "Docking Station" .

4. Start the game and import Pippi and Nielson, the starter parents or copy the additional Egg Agent into the folder "my agents" and you've got the possibility to let the egg layer lay Kunterbunt eggs.

Coloured Kunterbunts



with Sprites:
Blackberry Norns
Curiosa Norns
Fire Norns
Gargoyle Norns
Jungle Norns
Kunterbunt Norns
Mercury Norns
Poodle Ettins
Shiny Bengal Norns
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Undine Norns
without Sprites:
Konnichiwa Norns
Weekly Freaks




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