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Marcus announced a "action wish list" around Christmas 2004 that got released on Mummy's Creatures where everyone could wish for a norn breed. My wish were the

"Konnichiwa" is Japanese and means "Hello" or "How do you do?" and those norns say it! And bow to it. Very japanese!:-)

Those Norns come in three different "asian" versions:

Sprites: Toxic, Banshee Grendel
These Konnichiwa Norns eat normal food and feel at home everywhere. But you give them some bamboo to eat they will feel at home also in the bamboo forest. They can breathe under water for a short (but limited!) time. They get older as normal norns do.

Sprites: Bengal
These Konnichiwa Norns like to eat little animals and they will walk on four legs throughout their entire life, just like normal tigers do! They feel at home in the jungle, but give them some bamboo to eat and they will feel at home in the bamboo forest as well.

Sprites: Fimbul, Estrella
These Konnichiwa Norns eat normal food, but it's better to feed them bamboo. It keeps them healthy and helps in breeding with them. They feel at home where the bamboo grows.

These Norns can only brought into your game by means of the agent injector, not with the egg layer. The agent produces one of those three versions randomly every time you inject a Konnichiwa Norn in your world.

Of course! The Konnichiwa Norns need the bamboo and the seeds come with them. So every time you inject a Konnichiwa Norns, some bamboo seeds will also be injected into your world. The bamboo grows (almost) everywhere.

Please read the ReadMe file that comes with the agent. The Konnichiwa Norns where released at Mummy' Creatures and you can get them from there as well.

Download Konnichiwa Norns

Additionally, Marcus made me some more "Japanese" agents, which go together with the Konnichiwa Norns very well, I think.

When you install this stone lantern, first another object appears. It acts kind as a "stone lantern vendor". Depending on the version, this object can be a "waving cat" (jap. "Maneki Neko") for the levelled version or a small, brownish lantern for the sloping version.
The object is carryable by the hand, but cannot be seen by creatures. Click on the object to install a stone lantern at the place, where the object is standing. This stone lantern isn't carryable any more but can be seen by your creatures.
You can turn the lamp on and of. Also your creatures can turn it on and of. When a creature is turning it on, alcohol, coldness and heat get's reduced in that creature and it learns the vocabulary. All creatures nearby will get awake (since the light is turned on!). By turning it off, the creature will get a bit sleepier.
Creatures can destroy the lamp if they are angry enough to do so and hit the lamp hard enough. You can repair the lamp by searching all pieces and piling them up. As long as a lamp is destroyed, it cannot be seen by creatures. Or easier, you just produce a new stone lamp. ;-)
btw: the original of this lamp stands in the Konraku-En (a landscape garden) in Kanazawa / Japan.;-)

Download Stone Lantern

When installed, this Torii comes in two. Put them up at different places in your world and click on them. It will open kind of a "window" where you can see the picture where the other Torii is currently standing. It's acting like a remote camera. Creatures can activate the Torii as well. Then it works as a teleporter for them. Also if you activate an opened Torii with the hand and any creature is nerby, it will be teleported to the other Torii in your world.

Download Torii

Makes your Norns drunk! So please, be carful, how much you give to your creatures! The bottle holds three sips of alcohol. If empty, click on the bottle to refill it.

Download Sake

A Koi Toy! And with very special features: put it in water and it will grow, take it out of the water and it will shrink. Norns that fell in water and meet the Koi will be made amphibious by the Koi and won't suffocate. If the Koi reaches a certain size and gets pushed by norns it will dispense seeds. If pushed by the hand it will change colour.

Download Koi Toy

In addition to the action "wish list", Tafgana choose one of the ideas for a new norn breed and made a norn doll for it. And she chose the Konnichiwa Norns by chance, without knowing who's wish it was. Lucky me, huh?
So may I present



with Sprites:
Blackberry Norns
Curiosa Norns
Fire Norns
Gargoyle Norns
Jungle Norns
Kunterbunt Norns
Mercury Norns
Poodle Ettins
Shiny Bengal Norns
Trident Norns
Undine Norns
without Sprites:
Konnichiwa Norns
Weekly Freaks




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