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Gargoyle Norns

The Story

One of his journeys through the warp brought the Lonely Shee to a very strange place. He had been to strange places before, but this one was outstanding..

On Albia there had been houses too, all right. But here you couldn't see a spot of green, no tree, no bush, nothing. Only a sea of houses. Small, tall, high, square, rectangle, with two, three, four...many windows, two storey high next to five storeys next to only one..., lenghtwise, cross, flat roof, tiled roof, sloping roof, .... roofs without end, front doors, back doors, made from concrete, brickwork, plastering, without plastering, ... in short: a many, a great many houses. Far away in a distance you could spot some skyscrapers. Streets and alleys were cobbled or paved. The Shee was shocked. Apart from a single dandelion and some small weeds that had found their path through small cracks in the concrete you couldn't spot any green.

Agape, the Shee thought, "how could anyone live here?" It all seemed so cold, dead and dreadful. Here, no norn could exist, he was convinced. He just wanted to power on his warp device when suddenly, out of the corner of his eye he noticed something moving! As he looked closer he could see a creature on the roof of the house on the other side of the road. And then he definitely became excited: Yes, it was a norn!

He simply had to have one of those specimens for his collection. With the help of a ladder, which he had found in a courtyard nearby he climbed to the roof. It wouldn't be so high, so at least, it did appear from down there, but now being up here.... Uuuuhh! Don't look down! he told himself, quickly shutting his eyes. He immediately reopened them. The norn! He shoudn't give him the chance to escape! Where was he?

He... no, despite of the horns and long teeth it was a SHE, and she was still sitting there, next to an egg she must have layed shortly before. So he thought, assuming that in this world as well it was only the female norns who layed the eggs, not the males ... She looked at him in surprise but with a bit of curiousity expressed in her face. She didn't seem to move fast. So he just grabed her and the egg ... and disappeared in the warp.

Back on Capillata he gave her a closer inspection. She had the colour of a roof-tile and her fur a strange kind of stone pattern. As an ornament she wore sempervivum or houseleeks on her head, just like the ones you find on an old roof. She had wings with a touch of mossy colour. The perfect camouflage!
From the egg a male norn hatched. He looked a bit different than the female. Despite having a similar fur pattern as the female he wore more of a steel blue colour. The Shee assumed that male norns of this breed probably preferred living on more modern buildings made from steel and concrete and had therefore adapted to their surroundings.

The horns, teeth and wings reminded him of some gargoyles he had seen once in ... heck, what was that town called?...nevermind. He named them "Gargoyle Norns".

Gargoyle Norns come with new sprites and a new genome. The sprites take slot geat W. Gargoyle norns take things easier and are not prone to stress. Since they have to stand a good rainfall on a rooftop they are able to breath under water. And as they are just a bit slower than normal norns, they enter reproductive stage only at age adult, but live longer than ordinary norns.

The Gargoyle Norns are dedicated to Mummy and to the 5th anniversary of her site "Mummy's Creatures".

If you should wish to upload the Gargoyle Norns on your site to make them known to a bigger audience, go ahead. Please don't forget to give credits and in particular please mention to whom they are dedicated! You are welcome to use the above picture for this purpose. If you only want to do it, because you want to look better than you really are, switch off your computer and get you some real friends, you really need them! ;-)

Thanks to Tafgana for beta testing and for the idea with the colour gradient. ;-)

Download and installation of the Gargoyle Norns
Gargoyle Norn egg agent

Installation: Copy the file into your "my agents" folder and let the egg layer in the game lay the first egg and hatch it. That's it.

And here are some coloured Gargoyle norns. In the upper row the males, in the lower one the females. Male and female norn with the same colour information in their genes are one below the other.


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