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Blackberry Norns

Original idea and breed: MK-Grendel

The Blackberry Norns originally were called "Black and Tan Norns" when I got them as a "Good bye present to the community" from MK-Grendel before he left the Creatures Community. At that time the breed wasn't finished, the sprites for the babies and youth existed. I thought it being a petty to let that breed unfinished since people most probably wouldn't like to play with it as the sprites wouldn't fit to the other breeds at least, when mixed creatures would reach adult stage. So I decided to add the missing age stages under my project "Pimp my Breed". I hope I did it as MK-Grendel had planned to do. Besides that I decided for a easier to remember name for the breed. That's why they are now called "Blackberry Norns".

The sprites occupy Grendel Slot U.

Credits of course go to MK-Grendel, who not only liked black norns, but also fitted his agents sometimes with a lot of black humour as well! ;-) Let's hope he hasn't left his norns forever and they might grab him at some time again! Of course, the Blackberry Norns can also be downloaded from his Website "Grendel Warehouse".


1. Download the four files and unzip them
2. Copy the sprites in the "images" folder, the body data files into the "body data" folder
3. Copy the .gen file in the folder "genetics" and the ".creatures" file in the folder "my creatures". You can now import the creatures and play with them as parents creatures. If you copy the .agent file into the folder "my agents" you will find an egg agent in the egg layer (Muco) and you can let it lay as many Blackberry eggs as you like.

Blackberry Sprites
Blackberry Body Data
Blackberry genome and creatures
Blackberry egg agent (without sprites)



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Blackberry Norns
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Jungle Norns
Kunterbunt Norns
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Konnichiwa Norns
Weekly Freaks




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