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The Fire Norns

Idea and sprites: Tafgana
Genome: Marcus

Tafgana had the first idea to the Fire Norns soon after she obtained the Creatures 3 game, but it wasn't until now that they could get completed. I was a bit involved in the work and eliminated a few black pixels, put some order in a few sprite files and added some missing Body Data.

Marcus developed the new Fire Norn genome. I can only tell so far as they like the warmth ... some like it hot! :-)

You can find the original Download site on Tafgana's Aqualbia.

Installation is easy: just download the file, put it in your "my agents" folder and let the egg layer in the game lay the first Fire Norn egg. All needed files get installed automatically by doing so.

Download Fire Norns

Some people reported problems with Body Data of the male adult. Although the installation file seem to be fully okay, here are some "Replacement Body Data" in case you encounter the same issue.

And here are some coloured Fire norns. Please note: they have a Chichi genome, not the Fire genome as I think they could be easier to mix and breed with normal other norns.(males in the upper row, females below):


with Sprites:
Blackberry Norns
Curiosa Norns
Fire Norns
Gargoyle Norns
Jungle Norns
Kunterbunt Norns
Mercury Norns
Poodle Ettins
Shiny Bengal Norns
Trident Norns
Undine Norns
without Sprites:
Konnichiwa Norns
Weekly Freaks




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