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Indio Norns

Idea and Sprites: Mummy
Genome: Alien
Many thanks, Jutta, for making me a part in your newest creation!

The Indio Norns have an "enhanced" genome.

They are less prone to infections, they can eat garbage and manky and breath under water. Poisons and infections aren't as much as a problem as for "normal" norns.

In short: Indio Norns don't feel much pain.

They don't have a favorite place to stay in the space ship, so you can meet them any place and they feel comfortable almost anywhere.

The are mostly content and happy, but of course need a good food source and some toys to play with!


Download and installation of the Indio Norns

Sprites (female)
Sprites (male)
Body Data, eggs, genome


1. download all the files

2. unzip both sprite files. The .c16 files go in the folder "Images" in the directory "Creatures 3" or "Docking Station" (the sprites are on Slot W Norn)

3. unzip the last file. The .att Files go in the folder "Body Data", the .creatures files in the folder "my creatures" and the .gen file in the folder "Genetics" in the directory "Creatures 3" or "Docking Station".

4. import Hawk and Rainbow, your first Indio norns! :-)

And here are some coloured Indio norns (males in the upper row, females below):


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