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Bengal Wingies

The Bengal Wingies aren't a complete new breed. They have changed Bengal sprites, and with the new body data the normal Bengals will have wings.

Please read carefully the manual for installation. The zip-file also contains a ReadMe file with the installation manual.

Or download the Egg Agent and install a complete new breed "Bengal Wingy" with Sprites on slot Ettin B. Many thanks to Red Dragon who put the needed sprites together and made the installation file. Note: You need to have the original Bengal Sprites installed in order to have the Bengal Wingies installed on Slot B (this due to copyright reasons).

The sprites and body bata are free to use or change for any other norn breed! Look at them as kind of a "template", free to use to give other norn breeds wings.

Installation of the Bengal Wingy Sprites:

The sprites and body data files overwrite some of the original files of the Bengal Norns. So please make sure, you store the original files somewhere safe, you might want to change them back at a later time!

1.make a new folder, call it for example "Bengals_orignal_sprites" .

2.In this folder you copy the following files from the folder "images":



3. Unzip the downloaded file and copy the .c16 files in the folder "images" and the.att Dateien in the folder "Body Data". The original Bengals didn't have their own body data, they just used the ones from the Bruin Norns. So no worry about overwriting files, just copy the .att files in the body data folder.

4. Start the game, all Bengals and norns with Bengal arms should have now little wings:-)

Attention! There can be a problem with normal Civet norns when the Bengal wingies are installed. The civet norns don't come with their own body data but use the body data from the next lower slot, in that case the ones from the Bengal wingies. In order to avoid "flying" arms in Civet norns, either install the Civet wingies too or download Angelneko's "original Civet body data" file from the list. Thanks for pointing out this problem and for your help, Angelneko! Just unzip the content of the file and put the data in the folder "Body Data" in your Creatures folder.

You can also download the new Delft Norn Wingies here! They are based on the Delft Norns, now with wings! In order to see the Delft Norn Wingies correctly you also need the Zebra Norn sprites. Many thanks to marnieran who helped with testing!


Sprites and Body Data
Original Civet Body Data
Delft Norn Wingies starter pair
Egg Agent for Sprites Slot Ettin B:
Egg Agent


with Sprites:
Blackberry Norns
Curiosa Norns
Fire Norns
Gargoyle Norns
Jungle Norns
Kunterbunt Norns
Mercury Norns
Poodle Ettins
Shiny Bengal Norns
Trident Norns
Undine Norns
without Sprites:
Konnichiwa Norns
Weekly Freaks




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